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Understanding Herbal Therapy

The power of herbs is a real thing. They are so powerful that they can actually counteract some western medicines, therefore we have to treat them as medicine alone. If you are on prescription medication, you must consult with a medical doctor to get herbal treatments.

Herbs can be taken orally, used topically in lotions or oils, or as aromatherapy. Herbs have been used for 1000's of years in every indigenous community across the world. Japan, China, North American & South American tribes, and many other places have been been using herbal therapy to help prevent or cure many ailments.

At 360 Wellness Collective, Inc. we've partnered with our friends at Apothékary Inc. to provide some of the best combination of herbal therapy treatments for almost any situation.

If you are having trouble with digestion, stress, sleep, energy, immunity, libido, or something else, we either have it or can make it for you.

We've also partnered with Sweet Tea Factory to create some amazing herbal tea blends that are customized to helping you in your wellness journey.

So whether you are using 2 teaspoons of Chill The F* Out™ by Apothekary, Inc. on your grits in the morning, sipping on a COVID Recovery Tea blend by Sweet Tea Factory, or smoking a Delta 8 pre-roll in the evening, just know that we've got all your herbal medicine needs covered.

Don't forget to talk with your 360 Wellness Counselor about how to safely add herbs and spices to your regular wellness routine.

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