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Our Story

 It's been 40 years of devoted practice in every day living. We don't just show up to conferences, do things and forget they exists when we return to every day life. We have to know how to get serenity fast in a super stressful situation, and exercise or stretch for 30 minutes when we are sleep deprived.  We know that life keeps "lifing" and balance can be challenging. Through our own intricate stories of health and wellness, we come to our clients with a wealth of knowledge, professionalism and  wiliness to help our clients tackle the wellness movement. We are partners. We focus on using technology and privacy to help us with scalability not personalization. 

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About Us: Text
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Chaitra Dalton

CEO | Registered Dietitian


 Dr. Dorlene Dowl

Licensed Professional Counselor 

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Lara Holland

Co-Founder | Food Programs 

Fathom DJ

Music & Sound Specialist 

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What's Unique

At 360 Wellness Collective, Inc., we believe in helping people achieve true balance and wellbeing. Our approach to wellness is unique, as we take into account the eight dimensions of wellness, including physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, and environmental. We offer a wide range of resources, from wellness coordinators to physical products, to support you on your journey to health and happiness. We are proud to be a BIPOC organization with a diverse team of wellness professionals, and we are here to help you make positive changes in your life.

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