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Chaitra Dalton

CEO | Registered Dietitian


 Dr. Dorlene Dowl

Licensed Professional Counselor | Spiritual Wellness Advisor

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Chef Lara

Operations | Wellness Chef

Fathom DJ

Music & Sound Specialist 

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Our Story

Founders, Chaitra Dalton & Lara Holland started their journey in wellness through food, each having their own specialities and their own companies with very important stories to tell. 

What they realized is the 8 dimensions of wellness needed to be incorporated in building out successful plans because addressing one specific thing doesn't solve the problem. While having a proper food program (diet and nutrition) is fundamental in laying the foundation for wellness, so is ensuring that the mental, emotional, intellectual, physical , financial, occupational, environmental and social needs of a person are met.

The collective was created to bring all wellness practitioners & wellness product makers to one marketplace, making it more accessible for people to connect. 

Our programs are designed for busy, working professionals who need wellness to meet them where they are, at any time of day or night. Wellness is full time commitment and we are committed to developing programs which cater to our client's needs & demanding schedules. 

Our all inclusive wellness programs help restore, rejuvenate and bring balance to life/work which increase productivity, overall happiness, and reduce the number of sick days you'll have. 

Wellness programs change as our client's needs change. A Wellness Coordinator carefully examines your situation, goals and needs then crafts a plan to be accessible and easy to maintain.


Once our clients build wellness into their daily routine, it's easy to maintain and adjust to maintain balance for a lifetime. 

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Image by Brooke Cagle
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More About 360 Wellness Collective, Inc.

What's Unique

360 Wellness Collective practitioners have a deep desire to help individuals achieve their long-term wellness goals. 


Whether you’re seeking help with weight loss, looking to become more spiritually enlightened, managing anxiety, or seeking a full enrichment program, each client is individually evaluated and provided with a comprehensive 8 dimensional wellness plan.

We have over 15 types of Wellness Practitioners available to our members. 

  • Massage therapist 

  • IV therapy nurse 

  • Yoga instructor

  • Licensed mental health therapist

  • Dietician/ nutritionist

  • Financial Wellness counselor 

  • Physical fitness instructor

  • Skin care tech

  • Spiritual wellness advisor

  • Chiropractor

  • Wellness chef

  • Sound therapist

  • Feng shui expert

  • Herbalist

  • Rock/crystal specialist

  • Physical therapist

  • Weight loss specialist

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