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Workplace Wellness that Works

Keep staff happier, more productive & balanced

Research proves that  26 companies that truly invested in wellness delivered a stock return of 325%.  Data suggests that wellness programs done right do, in fact, pay dividends. At 360 Wellness Collective, Inc. we help companies implement a comprehensive wellness program. Our workplace wellness programs reduce health risks, improve quality of life, enhance productivity, and benefit an organization's bottom line.

Our core areas of wellness focus are: 

  1. Mental

  2. Physical 

  3. Spiritual 

  4. Emotional 

  5. Social 

  6. Environmental 

  7. Financial

We meet people where they are by bringing whole wellness to the real world. We can provide virtual or onsite wellness programs through our Wellness Lounge portfolio.   

With a 360 WeCo Workplace Wellness Program, your company has access to over 16 types of wellness practitioners  + valuable wellness products to help achieve your corporate wellness goals.

We are the most comprehensive wellness company in the United States. 

Click link below to meet with one of our Wellness Coordinators to start building your Workplace Wellness Program. 

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Wellness Lounges

Once you've designed a Workplace Wellness Program, you can take advantage of our Wellness Lounge Program. These can be set up  for  a groups of employees or clients. 

Wellness Lounges can last one day or one week, at any location.  The Lounge Experience allows you to experience  different forms of wellness without having employees leave the workplace. 

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Wellness Boxes

We procure wellness products that we have found useful and beneficial in our own wellness journey. From that, we create customized wellness kits that work for every situation and send them out to as gifts to employees or clients.

Workplace Wellness Programs

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