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"Live Well, Die with Dignity"

This phrase came to my head one day while I was driving. It hit me in a big way. Yes, I started a wellness corporation, but my life is not perfect nor has it ever been. I could always do things better or differently. But my goal was not about living forever. I just want to Live Well and Die with Dignity.

I really began to think about how implementing this phrase into our wellness practice would make sense to others. I wondered why it was important for me to share this. I thought of the people that we wanted to help in our organization and why we really started this practice.

So, my business partner and I got together for weekend warrior work session. We knew we had a lot of ground to cover and just 2 short days to do it all in. She knew the right foods and drinks to bring to the table, We knew when to apply sound therapy and when silence was important. We knew how to create a positive working environment. We also invited some of our amazing supporters to join, later in the day. We got a lot accomplished. We hired the right people to contribute to the team and ended up having a great day and it continued into the night. We had a hot spa & a hot fire awaiting us, we had cocktails, we had tea, and we had hangover cure kits to help us reset for the next day. We asked everyone who had participated in the day to join us, regardless of "status," and everyone felt comfortable doing so. We created our vision. We were living what we hope to help everyone live and experience, 360 Wellness.

While we do have Wellness in Box solutions, in no way do we feel like Wellness is a box and everything SHOULD be perfect. We are human. We all make mistakes. We don't feel like any one is every one. We are all unique and we believe in supporting humans that are doing great things to heal our world while helping those that can't get well and live in wellness. We believe in helping people navigate that "Live Well, Die with Dignity" phrase.

For me, while I am living, I want to be able to support myself well without assistance and give as much as I can to help others. I don't want to hurt anyone or take away from someone less fortunate. I suppose that's dying with dignity but that's not what I meant when I first thought it. When I die, because we are all going to; (100% fact), I just want to be able to go out with peace. I've felt enough pain, hurt, loss, grief in my lifetime, I just want that one single shot that allows me to pass in an instant, without suffering. To me, that's, "dying well."

You may ask, "Why does a good human deserve that?"

A. Because if they have nothing left they need to prove, the world owes them nothing and they owe nothing to the world. Balance is restored. Ashes to Ashes.

If you ask me, Chemotherapy and Radiation are slow ways to an ultimate death. I've seen more people die, without any dignity because family members or doctors told them they SHOULD try to save themselves and get well, using horrible things that can kill the entire spirit of a human being. We don't ask animals we love to go through that. We spend last loving moments with them and let them dye with dignity via euthanasia. That's a kind and dignified way to go. I feel that no matter what form of illness a person is facing, if it requires a life of medication and no quality of life, then a person should be allowed to make that choice.

So in the spirit of "Live Well, Die with dignity," we are very interested in hearing your thoughts on this. Please feel free to email or comment.

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