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Releasing Toxic Sh!t

It has occurred to me in my lifetime, many times, that the first step to developing a better version of self, is to:

  1. Realize (Admit) there is a problem

  2. Educate ourselves on possible solutions

  3. Develop an action plan

  4. Live the plan

Applying these principals in every situation or area of your life where we see the need to do better is what's important. For example, I come from a long line of Toxic Bullsh!t. It's not that someone in my family decided to be THE designated A$$hole and spread that crap all over the family; it's that there was hurt and damage control was never done, therefore, the "bone" that was broken never healed correctly it was always an issue going forward.

I had to do a lot of digging to see where the problem first occurred in the lifetimes of Toxicity that I was experiencing so I could begin the healing process. For me, the farthest I could go back was to my Great Grandmothers because they were still alive when my investigation of the problem really began. It wasn't about placing blame somewhere and then constantly chalking that up to "well that's the way it's always gonna be." It was about applying the necessary medicinal application where/when the wound began to bleed (i.e. toxic bullsh!t.)

HURT PEOPLE, Hurt People.

From a young age, I was determined to solve problems because solving problems meant actually having more quality time in life to love, be loved and spread light. When my family had even a moment of time or ounce of energy, it felt amazing! But the reality was we had no time and very little energy, so I figured the problem was: TIME. Then time turned to: MONEY. Then money turned to: LACK. Then lack turned to: HURT.

The surface problem or issue is usually never the actual problem, it's almost always a layered issue going on. This all led me to understanding the term, cycles and patterns," and the importance of breaking "bad" cycles and patterns that perpetuate more "bad." Some people also use the expression, "Hurt people, hurt, people."

In order to change cycles and patterns in our lives we have to heal our own wounds as well. It's a big task and a big job and something that will likely take lifetimes to actually do.

So is it worth it?


but results are not immediate. It may take 10-20-40 years to really begin seeing the difference.

You know, there are a lot of wellness products on the market that promote "detoxing." While it's important to detox your body, it's also important to detox your mental and emotional self as well. AND once you've detoxed it's important to:

A. figure out why you were so full of toxins in the first place

B. make sure you don't keep doing that

C. develop a new plan of action