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Pre-order before a big party. It has some major essentials to make sure that the day after has no regrets. Reboost with our Hangover Cure Kit. It really works, we've tried it!


  • Activated Charcoal Gummies - (these go a long way and are great for soaking up the alcohol. They taste great and will get your digestive system back on track. )

  • Adult Fruit Snacks- (this helps relieve your "puffiness" and helps get you back on track)

  • Brain Boost Drink - (you know that brain fog you can feel after a long day and night? well this helps take that away)

  • Aspirin

  • Fatigue Defense Under Eye Mask

  • Breath Mint

  • Electrolyte Drink Mixer

  • Signature Herbal Blend to mix with tea, coffee, smoothie or breakfast.


If you want to add to cocktail infusion kits to really have a unique experience drinking- these are amazing cocktails. You simply add your liquor of choice and infuse overnight (12-16 hours recommended), then pour over ice. They have their own wellness benefits but you still have all the fun.


Hangover Kit

$94.60 Regular Price
$55.00Sale Price
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    All of our products are unique. Over 90% of the wellness products we feature are created by women, and sustainably sourced. We are a female owned organization that focuses on wellness products and services designed for busy people who are looking for all inclusive care in a one stop shop experience.

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