Corporate Wellness Programs

Keep Employees Happier & More Balanced

Implementing a comprehensive wellness program brings long term results, keeping you balanced and more productive in the workplace, at home, and on the go.  

Our core areas of focus in wellness are: 

  1. Mental

  2. Physical 

  3. Spiritual 

  4. Emotional 

  5. Social 

  6. Environmental 

We meet people where they are by bringing whole wellness to the real world.  

360 WeCo has over 16 types of wellness practitioners to help you achieve total balance in your life. We are the most comprehensive wellness company in the United States. 

The first step to get started building your custom wellness plan is to take a wellness assessment. Click link below to get started, then one of our Wellness Coordinators will be in contact to start building your customized wellness plan. 

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Corporate Wellness

Workplace Wellness Programs bring big returns to companies who utilize them. 

360 Wellness Collective, Inc.  builds company wide wellness programs tailored to each employees.  

How We Achieve Results

  1. Wellness Lounges:  we create a safe place to get balanced and touch on every sense of employees mental, emotional and physical well being by bringing wellness practitioners to the workplace or designing programs that work with their schedules. 

  2. Wellness Box: A monthly wellness box is tailored to each person, for every situation. 

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Wellness Lounges

Our team of wellness experts and a crew set up a beautifully designed lounge for  a groups of employees to participate. Wellness Lounges can be set up for the week at any location and are scheduled on an annual basis. The Lounge Experience allows you to experience  different forms of wellness without leaving your comfort zone.

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Wellness Boxes

We procure wellness products that we have found useful and beneficial in our own wellness journey. From that, we create customized wellness kits that work for every situation and send them out to as gifts to employees or clients.