Workplace Wellness Programs

Success is in Reach

Workplace Wellness Programs bring big returns to companies who utilize them. 360 Wellness Collective helps your company start a comprehensive program for you in your workplace. We can help implement physical, mental and emotional changes that bring long term results, keeping you balanced and more productive in the office and at home.

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Corporate Wellness

The Guidance You Need

At 360 Wellness Collective we meet people where they are by bringing whole wellness to real life and everyday activities. We believe that the mental, physical and emotional/spiritual needs of every human is essential to achieving the balance needed in order to achieve optimal wellness and safety. 

How We Achieve Results

  1. Wellness Lounges Experience a safe place to get balanced and touch on every sense of your mental, emotional and physical well being. Be included in our total care program. Learn how to combat diseases or simply stay balanced. 

  2. Wellness Experience Boxes On-the-Go Wellness for every situation

  3. Wellness Videos Virtual Talks for Real, Whole Wellness 

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Wellness Lounges

A Healthier You

Our team of wellness experts and our crew set up a beautifully designed lounge for  a groups of employees to participate. Wellness Lounges can be set up for the week at any location and are scheduled on an annual basis. The lounge experience allows for different forms of therapy and wellness to be achieved by meeting humans where they are.


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