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What is an integrated wellness plan?

An integrated wellness plan, starts with evaluating the 8 modalities of wellness: 

  1. Environmental 

  2. Physical 

  3. Financial 

  4. Occupational 

  5. Social 

  6. Intellectual

  7. Emotional

  8. Spiritual 


Our comprehensive wellness assessment takes into account the factors that affect your overall health and happiness—your physical, psychological, emotional, financial, and social well-being. The test is designed to help you navigate any barriers impeding your progress and make recommendations for how to overcome them. Your results can be shared with practitioners who are able to provide advice on how exactly to tackle your biggest issues or opportunities for growth.

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About 360 Wellness Collective, Inc. 

360 Wellness Collective, Inc. is a BIPOC wellness organization founded in 2020 that takes a unique, integrative and collaborative approach to health and wellness. Through our 8 dimensional wellness plans, we’re able to create transformational results for our clients. Our WellTech strategies are designed to make health and wellness more accessible and sustainable for everyone. With our innovative techniques, we want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to achieve their well-being goals.

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A little meditation can go a long way no matter where you are or how you go about it. Here is a small sample of what we can produce for you in our wellness plans.

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Health is the highest prize. Contentment is the greatest wealth. 


I had a wonderful experience using a collective of massage therapy, yoga, and a nutritionist to achieve my goal. I even received a 3 month Wellness Box subscription that was designed to meet my wellness goals.

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Sound therapy is a critical part of Wellness. This is our first Wellness Playlist created during COVID when we felt everyone could use a little soul in their life. We have many Wellness Playlist curated by our own Sound Auricle, Fathom DJ.

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