Travel Sage Herbal Incense

Travel Sage Herbal Incense

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Cleanse & Clear your energy or your space with Georgia grown natural sage from Jabari Earth Goods.  Derived from the sacred Native American practice of smudging. “Saging is the act of wafting the smoke of white sage around yourself, your home, and your belongings to cleanse the energy,” You’ll want to try saging when you or the space you’re in needs to be cleansed and emptied out of past energy. “Sage not only cleanses the spirit, but it also purifies the air around you,” she adds. “It’s common to feel a sense of peace and light after saging yourself.”It turns out that sage may help clear the air of lots more than bugs and bacteria.Though scientifically unproven, burning sage is thought to release negative ions. This is said to help neutralize positive ions.Common positive ions are allergens like:pet danderpollutiondustmoldIf this is the case, burning sage may be a blessing for those with asthma, allergies, bronchitis, and other respiratory conditions. But inhaling the smoke during the smudging can aggravate any respiratory condition. Wait until the smoke clears before going into the room.

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