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Finding inspiration on days you feel like quitting

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Anything worth having doesn't come easy. It takes effort and skill to keep going and somedays we just can't seem to find it. It's ok to take a break but just know that your body requires water and walks. Even if all you can muster is a walk around the block and (2) 8 oz glasses of water, just do that part.

If you find yourself unmotivated, turn on some music you like, turn off the computer or the tv and sit still for a moment; evaluate to your input. If you don't like the music, change it, especially if it doesn't inspire you to be your best.

Then put one shoe on then the other. Drink a glass of water. Put your mask on and head out for a refreshing walk.

Come back, light some sage and breathe. Journal for 2 minutes.

Then if you still feel like doing nothing, let yourself rest.

That's not quitting. That's called self care in baby steps. Feel good about doing the best you could in the moment.

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